Useful Tips

Here are some useful tips to help minimise pests in your home.


  • Seal all food in air-tight containers
  • Make sure all grease and food scraps are cleaned daily
  • Seal cracks and gaps around the home
  • Repair leaking pipes
  • Do not leave food out
  • Clean Bins and sinks daily
  • Remove cardboard boxes


  • Keep pantries, Subfloors, Roof Voids clean and tidy
  • Remove cardboard boxes
  • Store all foods in air tight containers
  • Declutter all storage areas and keep your lawn neat and tidy
  • Wash bins out regularly


  • Clean all sinks and drains and wash out regularly
  • Seal all foods in airtight containers or cool rooms
  • Rotten food should be disposed of
  • Removing debrisĀ  build up from the exterior of your home and pipe work
  • Empty and Wash all bins regularly
  • removed water sources
  • Wash out mops regularly and keep them dry


  • Keep firewood and logs away from the home
  • Clean up leaves and other organic debris from around the yard
  • Trim back any trees and shrubs that contact the home
  • Seal cracks and gaps in the home structure